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Multimedia - Project Soundtracks

These are some music riffs I created for various multimedia class projects using Sony Acid Music Pro.

Bad Things Goin' Down

This is the soundtrack from a movie trailer project I made using Adobe Director in the spring of '07. I call it: "Bad Things Goin' Down"

Funk & Jazz

This is the music I created for a version of my multimedia portfolio that I put on a CD-ROM. For the sake of identification on this website, it's called "Funk & Jazz."

Generic Promo

I made this track for a Multimedia 101 video project that showcased my other work from that class. I call it "Generic Promo" because it sounds really generic and because a few months after I made this track, I heard a radio advertisement for a local business that used the same guitar riff (but in a lower key) that I used in this track.

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